Dice Hoarding

I like to think that my collection is respectable, but comparing that to some of my friends my hoard is very modest. I only have 6 complete polyhedral sets, a set of 16 d6s & a solid metal d100. Many of my friends are not so picky & collect whatever they see. Most of my dice are purple & all but 1 set are metal, one of my metal sets are very tiny & I keep them with me in a titanium tube on a necklace.

One of my friends could completely cover our game map with his treasure trove. A vast number are resin, but he also has quite a few metal sets. When I say “completely cover” I really mean that if he spread them out over the surface you would never imagine that there was a battle mat on the table. He too has a bludgeoning weapon also known as a solid metal d100 & it was absolutely hilarious that we showed up with our metal d100s the same day to brag about our new treasures.

Throughout the community this type of hoarding seems very commonplace. I’m still working on my precious collection. Do you hoard?

I hope you have an excellent week filled with epic adventure!


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