First Convention Ever

Next week my husband & I will be going to MCFC. This will be our first convention & we will not be going as vendors, but simply the nerds we are in our heart of hearts. Living in the Memphis area this is our version of comic con & it almost shocks me that we’ve never been, as we’ve been in this area for quite a long time.

I think our basic reason, though not the one we would typically admit, is that we spent so many years not really discussing the things that interested us the most with other people. I mean, we knew so very few tabletop gamers so it just wasn’t something that we would choose to discuss with others.

More recently when I was wandering about an rp sim in Second Life I ended up in an out of character conversation with another player & feeling secure that other role-players would understand, I brought up D&D, which she had never heard of. That’s okay I thought, she’s still into the same kind of stuff & then I started to explain the game, as soon as I mentioned that my husband was my DM & she found out that meant dungeon master, she totally assumed it was some BDSM game & told me she didn’t play that way. I had to counter with, neither do we. This is so akin to the prejudice I saw in my earlier years when rando fundies would accost me & tell me I should never get as “deep” into D&D as they once had & just those lines told me they not only have never played, but really knew nothing of the game. Then spend hours wasting my time telling me about how I was going to hell for even considering playing. Still, due to situations like these we didn’t reach out to the larger community, because in all honesty, we didn’t see it.

In the last few years we started to notice the casual use of terminology from our favored pastime & the rise of real play videos & audio. It took me a bit of time to adjust & then meeting a coworker who shocked me by pulling the PHb out of his locker at work. I was over the moon, I had not met another player, that I didn’t already know, in 20+ years. This woke me up & since we’ve been trying to connect with the community we’ve always belonged to.

I hope you have an excellent week filled with epic adventure!


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