Have you ever played D&D in Second Life?

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While I'm a bit of a traditionalist, having preferences for the tactile experience of dice & minis, the pandemic has sent many of us to socially distant ttrpg outlets. So far I haven't heard anyone talking about playing in SL though I have heard about people using a lot of other platforms.

When I discovered /studioDire/'s ttrpg products I was thrilled. Second Life offers an almost tactile, almost in the same room feel, that I just don't get from other online options for playing. It's amazing to rez in the same room with your DM & party while enjoying a table with a mat & moveable pieces for play. They do offer a wide variety of usable dice, but as a die hard with a hoard I still use my dice.

Temple of Asmodeus Balconies - WdDH

Not sure if you'll recognize the map in the pic, but I built that for Dragon Heist, which I'm actually running my husband through. Never really thought about being a DM myself, but I finally got the bug. I also have to say the experience in SL works great even if you are in the same room with the other participants, as dungeon pieces can be duplicated & we always have a place to set up. We're currently in middle of a slow motion remodel of the kitchen in our regular life, so there really is no space to set up & Second Life is giving my options to run on a board with minis & assorted dungeon pieces back.

Just wanted to share with you some of my fiddling around. I would love to hear about some of your related explorations/exploits!

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