MCFC 2021

Last weekend was certainly exciting. My husband & I didn't spend more than a few hours at the event over the course of the whole weekend. I've been experiencing some unfortunate health concerns which limited my ability to walk around, stand & even sit for long periods of time, which is even more disconcerting in less than familiar surroundings.

Perhaps another year I will join the con as a vendor & maybe make a bit of money instead of just spending. We did spend a lot of money while there. I ended up with a few collectibles from horror movies I particularly enjoy, while my husband purchased several comics & an epic drawing of Thanos with his infinity gauntlet. I mean, that wasn't all we purchased, but those were the main highlights.

Have you had many experiences with conventions? Would you like to talk about it in the comments?

I hope you have an excellent week filled with epic adventure!


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