Player to Dungeon Master?

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Perhaps it’s all the times that I have listened to Dragon Talk, with Shelly talking to so many different DMs about their understanding of what it takes to do what they do. I kind of got inspired, I have been running my husband through Waterdeep Dragon Heist, though I have to admit that our sessions have not exactly had a consistent schedule, which is kind of a shame. Well, that is my excursion as a solo DM anyway, both my husband & I have been running a game for a couple of our nieces, a nephew & my baby sister. He generally handles the combat encounters while I handle the everything else, which unfortunately has the same timing problem.

For so many years my husband has been my forever DM. He seems to be enjoying the game I’m running for him despite all of the, sometimes grievous (at least they seem that way to me), errors. Some of the sessions have been super stressful, but there have been more than a few that are downright fun. It would be nice if I could sort myself out better on my timing, you know, so our sessions were more regular. The same with the kid’s game, but our space is limited so have the opportunity to set up their game with an actual mat/map & their special game pieces (each has received a custom Hero Forge mini on their birthday this year, except my little sister whose special day is in November) can be complicated, especially with the ongoing remodel.

Are you a forever player or DM? Have you begun dabbling, as I have, behind the screen?

I hope you have an excellent week filled with epic adventure!


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