If anyone actually read my last post then I owe those people an update on Ranger's condition. The amazing emergency vet worked on him new year's eve, patching up his leg as best as she could & we were able to bring him home the next day with a "splint." Y'all my poor kitty man had a massive cast on his leg & we were told that due to the findings with his injury we would have to take him to our regular vet on Monday to take that leg.

He didn't eat or drink all weekend, despite us tending to him as best we could. We managed his pain, kept him comfortable & gave him the antibiotics that were ordered. When we brought him to our vet it was discovered that his injuries were more extensive than we had at first thought & the internal injuries were too extensive. My Ranger had to be put to sleep.

Those 2 stray dogs working in concert murdered 2 of my cats, my 12 y/o cats who had been with me since their birth. I am not alone in this either, neighbors have reported some of their cats being similarly savaged to the point of loss.

Thief has never been one to go outside, so she hardly notices the new restrictions. Mage mostly lost interest in outside so she is barely affected by the indoor mandate. Barbarian is confused as to why we won't let him out & Spectre has gone into b!tch mode because she is confined to the house.


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